Edge Dimension was producing great content, but their online presence was lacking. We developed a lively multilingual website to showcase their work in a whole new light.

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Art Direction
Piers Olenski

Duc Tran
Fabrice Fenoy
Mat Harrison

Curating assets

We helped Edge Dimension pick their most dazzling 3D renders and bring them to the forefront. By showcasing a variety of angles, textures and design stages, Edge Dimension began to reveal the level of craft and detail that went into every shot.

Edge Dimension room render
Edge Dimension sofa render
Edge Dimension bathroom

Website art direction

Through simple and structured layouts, combined with slick animation, we let the Edge Dimension assets speak for themselves. Whilst bold typography was a key aspect to the art direction, careful attention had to be placed when dealing with the multilingual layouts.
      A strong relationship with the developer was crucial to hone in on any potential responsive issues.

Edge Dimension desktop design
Edge Dimension mobile website
Edge Dimension mobile website
Edge Dimension