We positioned Elevate Security outside the dark cyber landscape, and crafted a conversational brand that resonates with users on a human level.

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Piers Olenski

Cynthia Ghernati
Tristan L'Abbé

Evolving the logo

We refined the original Elevate logo icon rather than replacing it. We redrew the icon on a 100x100 grid, creating a more solid and structured mark to anchor the rebrand on.

The visual language

To build out the visual language, we created a system of coloured shapes that were dissected from a circle. Gestural marks were then added to the shapes to soften the harsh edges, and make them more friendly. The Elevate brand was strategically positioned as genuine, optimistic and refreshing — 3 traits that are rare in the cybersecurity world.

Elevate Security shape breakdown
Elevate Security brand book
Elevate Security desktop designs

A face to the name

Illustrated characters were then introduced to assist in the educational component of Elevate. The dragosaurus 'Ellie' changes colour, texture and mood based on the security level of the user.

Elevate Security dragosaurus